Complete Beginner’s Guide to Saving Time with Tailwind

complete-beginners-guide-to-saving-time-with272This post may contain affiliate links.

Tailwind is one of the main tools I use to help me save time and automate pinning on Pinterest. Tailwind is a Pinterest partner and their main goal is to help you grow your Pinterest account. Perfect!  As you may know (or not) Pinterest is every bloggers most recommended platform for growing your blog’s page views and subscribers.  As I have only just begun this blogging journey from starting my blog from scratch – I then embarked on understanding Social Media and how to maximise my time after I discovered how much work it added to my day.  It became overwhelming until I discovered Tailwind.  So, I’m going to show you how to use one of the easiest blog growing tools around.


Should I Pay Back My Student Loan?


Disclaimer: Please note I am not a financial adviser and this article is based on facts gathered from the internet.  If you require financial advice, please seek out a professional.  This article may contain affiliate links.

One thing that has always ran through my mind is shall I pay off my student loan debt? In the UK students receive loans from the government for the duration of their studies and I have heard stories of people purposely joining university just to take advantage of these loans as they are low in interest.  Afterall, it is the cheapest loan you will get.


Review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing - Michelle Schroeder-GarnerNote: This post may contain affiliate links.

Before I started my blogging journey, I googled ‘how to make money online’ just out of interest to see if it was possible and stumbled upon Michelle’s, Making Sense of Cents blog and a couple of other influential bloggers in the field of personal finance.  This was just over a year ago and I have been an avid reader of hers since then and eventually was inspired to make a go of it after reading about her income reports.  When she announced her new Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course, I was excited and was one of the many who jumped at her early bird offer.
I have to say though because my blog is in it’s infancy stages, I was slightly hesitant as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make use of it until I grew a bigger audience.  Some of my main concerns were whether it was worth taking at this stage as 1) I have VERY little traffic, 2) I don’t have a clue what I am doing and 3) I don’t think I have enough content; however I am pleased to say that there are tips that even I can put into effect. *happy squeals* (more…)

12 Killer Ways to Write Eye-Catching Headlines

12 Killer Ways to Write Eye-Catching Headlines

Please note post may contain affiliate links.

Do you want to know the secret to making clickable and shareable posts? You know how they say first impressions count? Well, it is the same for headlines, they also count as readers skim over your headlines to make a judgement on whether it is worth clicking into it.

So, headlines are also important and worth giving it some thought too. Afterall, we stumble upon many, many headlines in the wonderful world wide web, so it is important that your headline stands out from the rest. I will definitely be employing these tips gathered from my research and I hope these help you too!


Infographic: Leverage the Internet

Leverage the INTERNET Infographic

I feel this post is mainly to encourage new bloggers.  If you feel constantly overwhelmed and your productivity, enthusiasm and motivation to keep your blog or business going, then this is the infographic for you – please share and re-pin this if you like it.

The World Wide Web is a huge place with many people from all walks of life.  The infographic tells us that there are many people around the world to interact with.  It just takes some hard work and determination to find them!


How to Overcome Blogging Overwhelm in 7 Helpful Steps


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I have to say for me I have felt quite overwhelmed with this (early) blogging experience and my journey to exiting my rat race job! There is so much to learn from the blog posts, using social media, SEO, building readership, likes, followers etc … I’m exhausted!

I have found myself writing posts, reading other blogs, researching information, designing my blog, trying to understand social media and promoting my blog on it…I am doing and learning so much, I don’t know where to start anymore and what to focus on first.

So I have decided to take a step back and to clear my mind, I wrote down and planned the next few days in the following steps.

If you are interested in starting a blog, follow my 3 step tutorial to getting started.  You can also sign up to Bluehost, starting at only $3.49 per month through my link. In addition to the low pricing, you will receive a FREE domain name.

6 simple ways to overcome overwhelm

  1. Assess your situation and time – adjust your workload accordingly in MANAGEABLE CHUNKS. I work a full time job which sees me starting my day at 6am getting ready, commuting, in the office until 6-7pm at the latest. As a result I am POOPED. If I try to push myself too much on producing at least 3 x 1,000 word posts a week, comment, add so many followers, retweet etc I am just setting myself up for failure. As much as I want to follow this through, most of my evenings consist on me being sat like a zombie on the sofa trying to get motivation to do something and it just ends up being unproductive, not to mention demoralising. This brings me on to my next point…
  2. Focus on what is important. We all know that content is king, to properly contribute to the topic in question, we need to add fresh, helpful and informative content. So for me, as I struggle for time – or rather mental energy to think and write, I will focus on at least three blog posts a month, which is for me manageable. I will write more if I can but blogging doesn’t just consist of content, there’s images, social promotion amongst other tasks. At the moment I am just learning about it all which essentially doubles my time in getting things done.
  3. Produce a timetable. This would help immensely to write down your task list and what you need to do. It clears all the clutter from your head and you can just rely on looking at your timetable. At this early stage I have made a ‘learning list’ which I want to research and learn about online which then I will blog and share what I have learned with you.
  4. Consistency is key. Commit to your schedule that you have put up above and it will reap benefits. Apparently consistency is the key to creating a good habit.
  5. Make use of social media aids. I use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter feeds and it allows me to schedule my posts as I am writing them. Hootsuite are offering their Pro version for 30 days free – take advantage of this and sign up through my link.  A good tip is to prepare the link and the title as you are about to write the blog post and schedule it to when you are going to launch the post. This creates a little commitment to getting the post finished before the scheduler works its magic!  I also make use of Tailwind to help me schedule my Pins for Pinterest.  It has been an amazing tool for me in terms of saving time by batch posting your Pins and their chrome extensions have been helpful in allowing me to pin interesting and helpful images.  Tailwind offer their first 100 Pins free – sign up for Tailwind here.
  6. Take a walk. And if you are still feeling that your head is about to explode, put everything down, walk away from your computer and do something else. Take a walk around the block, breathe in some fresh air and practice mindfulness.
  7. Are you being a Perfectionist with high expectations? It has occurred to me through conversations that many of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep up with others and to know as much as others.  It is important to remember that we are human and it is ok to learn slowly and be a little behind.  Managing our expectations and acknowledging reality is important to keep us sane and being ok with where we are.  For some of us, this could be our competitive natures coming out.  Whilst a bit of competition is good, it drives us forward and makes us productive but it can largely produce the opposite effect and be destructive.  Therefore we should see our peers as inspiration and use them as muses to develop our own businesses.

So, over to you – what do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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August 2016 Income and Traffic Report

August 2016 Income and Traffic ReportThis post may contain affiliate links.

As you may have noticed from my blog content that since my April 2016 goals, I haven’t been blogging regularly as life has overtaken every ounce of my mental energy.  At the same time I lost direction of my blog and what I wanted to write about, which originally was about happiness, but I have come to realise that the driver behind me starting this was a very strong desire to leave my 9-5 and achieve freedom and therefore my kind of happiness.

Everyone’s perception of what makes them happy is different but for me, I am tired of that feeling of being imprisoned, having to follow a routine I am not loving, forcing myself into this generic cookie cutter mold that I clearly don’t fit in.  Instead I want a lifestyle where I can choose my working hours every day.  My blog will talk about building a side income to leave my job….

I decided to dedicate one weekend and my day off to ‘start again’, redesign my blog to reflect ‘me’.  I am very happy with the resulting blog design but there are some more tweaks to do.  For a rookie with no web design background I have done pretty well.  I have used a template (incase you are wondering, template is from BluChic) but I have also made use of some CSS skills to style this a bit more to suit my style.  I have also given the header a redesign too.

Starting again has reminded me of the blockers I hit earlier this year, I don’t know about social media management; I don’t know about growing readership, marketing, SEO; I don’t know about content curation. So the next few months will be a slow learning curve for me before I can reach any ‘pro’ blogger statuses.  I will, for sure, document helpful guides on what I learn as I hope to transfer this knowledge to other newbie bloggers too.  In case anyone is wondering, I am still interested in a blogging partner to hold me accountable and to bounce ideas.


Blog Goals and Get to Know Me

Eternal Pursuit of Happiness August Goals UpdateToday’s post is a candid one. I have a confession to make…I’m struggling to bond with my blog and I think it shows. I am interested in personal finance but aside from student loan, I’m not in debt. Apparently according Money Saving Expert (a popular website in the UK on finances(, Student loan is considered good debt in the UK due to the low interest rates. It is currently being deducted out my salary and I only have to pay it when I’m earning over a certain amount in salary. To be honest, I have lost the thread with the student loan malarky and the truth is I have saved and have enough to pay it off in one go. So long story short, I am only interested in side hustles and extra income.

I started this blog as a way to get out of my 9-5 as I am pursuing freedom. This blog is about my journey to pursuing my own happy spot, and I hope I can help others find their happy spot too.  I don’t feel happy in my current environment and feel that I am trying to mould into society: we are born, we go to school aged 4-18, go to university until 21 and then work, work, work until we retire at 60+ and then we can enjoy life. This sounds extremely sad to me and it isn’t how I want my life to be. I have no choice, I have to be at this place, working your core 9 until 5 or in my case I leave the house at 7am and I can come home at any time in the evening. I feel like i am forcing myself inside the mould of a cookie cutter of a societal norm. It is not fun, yet at the same time I feel like I am being a wuss because everyone else is dealing with it and just getting on with it, afterall that is life, right?  (more…)

4 Simple Steps to Choosing a Niche

4 Simple Steps to Choosing a Niche

Please note this post may contain affiliate links.

What is a niche?

A niche market is a segment of the internet market of which your blog is focusing on, a niche can be further drilled down to sub-niches. For example, circus arts is a niche market which can then be drilled down to the specific circus arts otherwise known as sub-niches such as hoops, silk, Chinese pole, contortion, etc

The whole idea behind a niche is that the keywords around this topic area, although have less market coverage, also have less competition; hence more visits to your page. This brings your blog to the first page of the Google search engine. So there’s the theory behind it…

If you are interested in starting a blog, follow my 3 step tutorial to getting started.  You can also sign up to Bluehost, starting at only $3.49 per month through my link. In addition to the low pricing, you will receive a FREE domain name. (more…)

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