Blog Goals and Get to Know Me

Eternal Pursuit of Happiness August Goals UpdateToday’s post is a candid one. I have a confession to make…I’m struggling to bond with my blog and I think it shows. I am interested in personal finance but aside from student loan, I’m not in debt. Apparently according Money Saving Expert (a popular website in the UK on finances(, Student loan is considered good debt in the UK due to the low interest rates. It is currently being deducted out my salary and I only have to pay it when I’m earning over a certain amount in salary. To be honest, I have lost the thread with the student loan malarky and the truth is I have saved and have enough to pay it off in one go. So long story short, I am only interested in side hustles and extra income.

I started this blog as a way to get out of my 9-5 as I am pursuing freedom. This blog is about my journey to pursuing my own happy spot, and I hope I can help others find their happy spot too.  I don’t feel happy in my current environment and feel that I am trying to mould into society: we are born, we go to school aged 4-18, go to university until 21 and then work, work, work until we retire at 60+ and then we can enjoy life. This sounds extremely sad to me and it isn’t how I want my life to be. I have no choice, I have to be at this place, working your core 9 until 5 or in my case I leave the house at 7am and I can come home at any time in the evening. I feel like i am forcing myself inside the mould of a cookie cutter of a societal norm. It is not fun, yet at the same time I feel like I am being a wuss because everyone else is dealing with it and just getting on with it, afterall that is life, right?  (more…)

4 Simple Steps to Choosing a Niche

4 Simple Steps to Choosing a Niche

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What is a niche?

A niche market is a segment of the internet market of which your blog is focusing on, a niche can be further drilled down to sub-niches. For example, circus arts is a niche market which can then be drilled down to the specific circus arts otherwise known as sub-niches such as hoops, silk, Chinese pole, contortion, etc

The whole idea behind a niche is that the keywords around this topic area, although have less market coverage, also have less competition; hence more visits to your page. This brings your blog to the first page of the Google search engine. So there’s the theory behind it…

If you are interested in starting a blog, follow my 3 step tutorial to getting started.  You can also sign up to Bluehost, starting at only $3.49 per month through my link. In addition to the low pricing, you will receive a FREE domain name. (more…)

Top Tools to Create Eye Catching Blog Images

Top Tools to Create Eye Catching Blog Images

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Do you want to attract more readers to your blog?  Consider this, having images like the one above helps to make your blog post more visually attractive to your readers and makes your posts easier to scan than with chunks of text.  Images give your blog personality and makes social shares easier for you and your readers.

Tools I use to make images


3 Simple Steps to Starting a Blog

3 simple steps to starting a blog

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So after much deliberation I decided to start my own blog and thought I would document this process with hope that it will help you in your journey too.  In this post I will teach you how to start your own blog and if you follow my journey, how to grow it and earn income.

Why start a blog?

I have pretty much been a reader of many blogs over the past few years.  I have family members who are bloggers and earning a tidy income and are able to quite their jobs and I also follow (and admire) other bloggers who are also well established and bringing in 5 – 6 figure incomes PER MONTH! Wow! It is by no means an easy task, as being new to this myself, I have very quickly learned it requires a lot of time and attention, it is not just about writing but also social aspects.  At the same time blogging gives you financial freedom and most of all, freedom from a 9-5 job working for somebody else.  Just imagine you can travel anywhere in the world and still earn an income, be asleep and still earn an income and have old posts still generate income many months and years on.  Dunno about you, I’m excited about the prospects so let’s get started.



Hola Readers!

Sorry I’ve been gone for a few months! Life in general has overtaken me and I lost direction with where I wanted to go with my blog.

Gosh, I cannot express how tired and low on energy I feel after a long working day.  I deliver projects and have several on the go, I have to say the most stressful part of my job has to be the people consistently dropping last minute bombs and being me, I have to sort it out.  Great job doormat! 

So I get home with intention to work on my side projects but… my creativity is sapped, I can’t think and I have no mental energy to write.  I’m sure many of you know how I feel already.

This is also to say, “Hi, I’m still alive!”

Anyway, with renewed intention I will pick up the blog again!

Has anyone missed me?

Goals for April

April 2016GOALS

I know we are about a week into April.  If I am to take my blog seriously, I need to set up some goals to aim for.  At the moment they are simple and straight forward.

Blog design

I still have a lot to work on with regards to the design of my blog.  Things like the colour coordination, font coordination and consistent design of my graphics.  They are a bit random even though I have tried to keep it consistent.  I really need to nail down a colour scheme for headings, texts, backgrounds and key fonts.


Earning an income blogging

Okay… So, my plight for happiness leads me to today’s post on financial freedom.

I’m sure many of you can relate that most of us work in 9-5 jobs and I was in the belief that we can only achieve better salaries and titles by moving up the career ladder.

Whilst starting my blog, I’ve been inspired by a number of finance bloggers who kindly share their monthly reports. What can be achieved had me in awe and is truly inspiring. This isn’t to be taken lightly though as achieving an income through blogging requires hours of work and in its early stages and a lot of learning. Blogging involves more than just writing posts, you have your marketing, design, building and interacting with your community too. (more…)